• Attracting Hires With Disabilities: Practical Tips To Make Your Company More Inclusive

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    As the job market evolves to be more inclusive, employers are learning how crucial it is to welcome and accommodate applicants with disabilities. Experts estimate that one in four US adults copes with some type of disability, so chances are your business could benefit significantly from seeking out and hiring qualified candidates with disabilities.


    That said, reaching potential candidates can be a challenge, and many companies don’t know where to start. Here, we will discuss some of the best ways to attract new hires that will take your organization to new heights:


    Providing Employer-Assisted Housing


    Offering employer-assisted housing for those with disabilities is an excellent way to create a more inclusive, disability-friendly workplace. It not only benefits your team members but can be good for business as well. Providing housing assistance eases the stress for workers who have difficulty finding affordable accommodations.


    Moreover, your company can increase its retention rate and reduce absenteeism as employees are more content in their living situation. Some benefits of employer-assisted housing might include assistance with security deposits or waived fees. Many companies purchase accessible housing and rent it out to team members at affordable rates. Providing stipends and paying for moving costs are other ways to help your staff live comfortably.


    Creating New Job Descriptions


    It’s crucial that your job descriptions are inclusive and accurately reflect the necessary skills, qualifications, and performance expectations of the given job. Employers who offer and promote diverse, inclusive work environments are more attractive to a broad range of individuals, reducing turnover rates while promoting maximum engagement and productivity.


    One way to successfully make job postings more inclusive is to avoid ableist language and make clear the required experience and education level for jobs. You’ll also want to include any specific rewards or incentives that come with working for your company. Plan to update your job descriptions regularly so they’re always current.


    Accessible Recruitment Practices


    To attract new hires with disabilities, business owners should consider creating a recruiting document specifically tailored to new applicants. This document can outline why candidates with disabilities should choose their company, emphasizing the commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive work culture. This proactive approach not only signals the company's dedication to diversity and equity but also provides candidates with valuable information about the company's values and priorities.


    For creating and sharing such recruiting documents, business owners can opt for the convenience of PDF format. If they prefer to use this format, they can leverage online tools that enable easy conversion of files in different formats to PDFs by simply dragging and dropping them into the tool. This ensures that the recruitment material is accessible, professional, and consistent, making it more likely to attract top talent, including individuals with disabilities, who value an inclusive workplace. Click to learn more about Adobe Acrobat’s user-friendly (and free) PDF converter.


    Incorporating Reasonable Accommodations


    You might assume that certain responsibilities or tasks require a specific level of physical abilities, but you can adapt many commonly performed tasks to meet the needs of a broad range of workers with disabilities. Offering reasonable accommodations like flexible work schedules or specialized equipment will help employees with disabilities be more productive, creative, and happy within the workplace. You can work with occupational therapists or other experts in disability accommodations to identify and implement the necessary office modifications.


    Rejuvenating Your Recruitment Process


    By revamping your recruitment process to include outreach to diverse communities, you can find new candidates with disabilities that help your business reach new milestones. Setting up a recruitment strategy that targets specifically this community can draw in a wealth of candidates with varied experiences and qualifications. Consider offering internships or volunteering opportunities to attract even more candidates.


    Making Your Website More Accessible


    One of the simplest ways to attract new hires with disabilities is to make your website accessible to all users — regardless of the type of disability. Many companies are unaware of how to do this and never get around to it. But you can do it in several ways and reap the benefits. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

    • Use website accessibility auditing tools.

    • Label images and text.

    • Provide clear descriptions of links and page headings.

    • Make sure the site has plenty of white space and easy navigation.

    Establishing a disability-friendly work environment will help you attract a range of talented applicants, boost retention rates, and attain broader visibility within the community. Implementing the inclusive alterations above will show that your company encourages diversity while creating a more engaged and productive team in the process. Whether it’s employer-assisted housing or making your website more accessible, resolve to make changes that will enhance the richness of your workspace and benefit everyone involved.

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